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This portion of our web guide focuses on online forums and discussion platforms designed for interactive conversations on health, wellness, and medical issues.

These may include social media platforms specifically intended for discussing these issues and, in particular, the type of social media platform known as Internet forums, also known as online forums or message boards.

Internet forums might also be known as online communities. The nature of many of these platforms is such that members or participants get to know one another at some level, forming what could be considered a virtual community.

Internet forums differ from chat rooms in that messages are generally longer than one line of text and are at least temporarily archived so that forum members coming along the next day or longer may respond and thereby participate in the discussion.

Forums might be powered by proprietary software or by commercial or open-source forum scripts. Further discussion and resources pertaining to Internet Forum Scripts or Forum Hosting may be found in the Computers & Internet portion of our guide.

Health-related Internet forums might be general in nature, dealing with a wide range of health, wellness, and medical issues, or they may be specific or intended for particular groups of members or discussions, such as breast cancer survivors, medical professionals, or for physicians in a specific medical specialty. Forums might also be set up to discuss topics like nutrition, holistic medicine, or other health-related topics that may be more or less specific.

Most Internet forums require individuals to be registered in order to participate in discussions, although the discussions themselves might be openly viewed. This may or may not involve a membership fee.

Other types of social media designed for interactive discussion of health, medical, or wellness topics would also be appropriate for this portion of our guide.



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