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The health, well-being, and medical fields are constantly changing, so it's important for professionals and students to associate with others in their field.

There are several industry organizations that can help students advance or make connections and help professional enhance their careers, stay informed of current developments, and perhaps even have a hand in reshaping elements of their profession.

Many of these organizations are specific to a particular element of the health, well-being, and medical professions, while others cover professionals working in a specified geographical area, such as a country, state, region, county, or locality. Others might cover a broader field.

Often, multiple organizations will cover the same field or geographical area, so students and professionals might join multiple organizations or determine those that are apt to be the most beneficial to their careers.

Membership benefits will likely vary from organization to organization. These might include access to research publications and journals in the member's specialty, conferences, events, webinars, and continuing education or certification opportunities. Other benefits are likely to include networking with other professionals in the same field, updates on federal or state regulatory changes, or information on innovations and improvements in the industry. In many cases, the greatest benefit might be that memberships can be used to bolster resumes, LinkedIn profiles, or other credentials.

Professional organizations might be known by a variety of names, including alliances, associations, boards, brotherhoods, chambers, clubs, coalitions, confederations, congresses, consortiums, cooperatives, councils, federations, fellowships, fraternities, groups, guilds, institutes, institutions, leagues, orders, societies, sororities, syndicates, unions, or others.

Health, wellness, or medical organizations, by whatever name, may be listed in this portion of our guide. However, those specific to a particular field represented by another category in this web guide may also be listed there and in appropriate categories within our Local & Global categories.



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