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On January 17, 1994, at 4:31 in the afternoon, the Los Angeles neighborhood of Northridge was hit by a 6.7 earthquake. It lasted less than 20 seconds and was followed less than a minute later by a 6.0 aftershock. Between 57 and 60 people died in the quake, and nearly 9,000 were injured with 1,600 who had to be hospitalized. Cal State University at Northridge and the large shopping mall as well as part of the busiest freeway in the world, the Santa Monica Freeway. Landslides ad fires ensued, and as a consequence, there was an outbreak of Valley fever. Additionally, television shows, movies, and music productions were disrupted, as were sports events at Angel Stadium, Disneyland, and flights at LAX. Eleven hospitals in the area were damaged.



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