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An ancient city, Alexandria, Egypt has long been a center of education and culture. As early as 525 BC, Alexandria was home to one of the first and most extensive libraries in the world.

Once hosting the largest urban population of Jews in the world, Alexandria housed a huge collection of manuscripts and documents significant to Judaism and Christianity. The Septuagint was produced in Alexandria. Under Roman rule until 640 AD, Egypt came under Arab rule, and Alexandria shifted from a Christian to an Islamic culture, adopting the Arabic language.

Islamic temples provided a formal education, not only in Islamic studies and the Arab language, but in the sciences, mathematics, medicine, and the arts, and much of this was centered in Alexandria.

Today, while Egypt has a high illiteracy rate, its rate of literacy is higher than most African countries, and illiteracy rates are much higher in women than in men.

The Egyptian government has placed an increasing level of importance in education in recent decades. A 1962 decree provides for free tuition at all Egyptian universities. Adult education has also been a priority for Egypt's Ministry of Education, specifically aimed at literacy education. The Ministry has also developed programs specifically for girls, who are less likely to participate in formal schooling.

Alexandria, and other cities in Egypt, also have several international schools, at all levels, many of which utilize an American, British, or French curriculum, often with an emphasis on language studies. English-language school have become increasingly popular in Alexandria.

Alexandria is home to several higher education institutions, including Alexandria University, which provides an Egyptian system of higher learning, employing an internationally renowned faculty. Université Senghor is a private French institution targeting African students. Alexandria Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology offers a bachelor's degree in engineering, and Pharos University is a private institution offering several degree programs.

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