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The government of the Islamic Republic of Egypt has placed a priority on education and, as the country's capital, Cairo has long been a center for education and educational services in Egypt, as well as the hub for government offices regulating the educational system.

Administered by the Ministry of Education of Egypt, and with support from the World Bank, the quality of education in Egypt has improved greatly. Several schools, at all levels, including institutes of higher learning, are in Cairo or the Greater Cairo region. This includes many that offer English language instruction.

Educational levels in Egypt begin with the primary school. There are several types of primary schools in Egypt, including Arabic schools and experimental language schools. The Arabic schools are a type of government school that adheres to Egypt's national curriculum in the Arabic language. Generally, an English language curriculum begins at the first Primary year, while French is added as a second foreign language during the Secondary Education stage. Experimental language schools are also government schools. They teach science, mathematics, and computer usage in English, later adding French, while social studies are taught in Arabic.

The second stage of compulsory education is known as Secondary Education. The General secondary stage includes three years of education, preparing students for the Basic Education Completion Certificate necessary to enroll in a university. An alternative is a Technical and Vocational education, which teaches industrial, commercial, and agricultural subjects. After from three to five years, graduates usually enter the workforce. Only General secondary school graduates are eligible to enroll in university courses.

Parallel to the public education system, the Al-Azhar System includes a 6-year primary stage, a 3-year preparatory stage, and a 3-year secondary stage, and is supervised by the Supreme Council of the Al-Azhar Institution, although the Ministry of Education has a role as an overseer. The Al-Azhar program is focused on Islamic studies, preparing students to begin studies at Al-Azhar University.

Egypt also has several private schools, many of which were established by missionaries, and are affiliated with churches. These schools may offer additional educational programs, such as the American High School Diploma, the British International General Certificate of Secondary Education, the French Baccalauréat, or an International Baccalaureate Diploma.

There are four types of recognized private schools. Ordinary Schools are similar to government schools, but with smaller classes. Language Schools usually teach most of the government curriculum in English, adding French or German as a second foreign language, although some of these use French or German as their main instructional language. Religious Schools are similar to the Al-Azhar program, but with a focus on another religion, such as a Catholic school. International Schools follow the curriculum of another country, such as a United States curriculum, a British curriculum, or the French system of education. Degrees are issued by the Ministry of Education. Some Egyptian universities require more, such as higher grades, from students of International Schools than from Egyptian government schools.

Egypt has some of the oldest institutions of higher learning in the world and is a center for higher education in the Arab world. Most of these schools are in Cairo. Of these, Al Azhar University was founded in 975 and is the world's second oldest university still in operation. Cairo University was founded in 1908, and the American University in Cairo was established in 1919.

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