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The third-largest city in Egypt, Giza is situated on the banks of the Nile River, south-southwest of Cairo, and within the Greater Cairo metropolitan region.

Giza is famous for the Giza Plateau, which includes the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Great Sphinx, and other large pyramids, temples, and monuments. Memphis, the ancient capital of Egypt in the time of the pharaohs, is just south of Giza, and the pyramids of Giza overlooked the ancient Egyptian capital.

The region now known as Giza serves as the cemetery for several of the pharaohs, including Pharaoh Djet and Pharaoh Ninetjer, of the First and Second dynasties, respectively. Three of these tombs to the pharaohs, built in the form of pyramids, form the Three Pyramids of Giza.

Before the Arab conquest of the region, a Byzantine village known as Teresa was in the southern portion of what is now Giza. Giza itself, was founded by the Muslims in 642 AD, one year after they took control of Egypt.

Over the centuries, a lot of changes have occurred in Giza as it was occupied by various forces, including the British in the 1700s and early 1900s. Roads, streets, public buildings, and infrastructure improvements were constructed. Given the importance of tourism to the area, the current Egyptian government has done much to restore and maintain the ancient Egyptian monuments and structures.

Opened in 1891, the Giza Zoo was the first on the African continent. Originally a private garden project built on just over fifty acres during the early 1870s, the government took over the land as partial payment of a debt in the late 1870s, parts of the gardens were sold to home developers, but others were kept intact, becoming a part of the zoo. By the mid-1900s. the Giza Zoo was considered one of the best in the world. By 2004, however, the zoo had suffered from neglect, losing its membership in the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, but it is currently working towards reinstatement in WAZA.

Giza includes several districts and neighborhoods. These include the Dokki District, the Agouza District, the Giza District, the Haram District, and the Faisal District, as well as Bulaq ad Dakrur, Imbabah, Omrania, Monib, and Kafr Tuhumus. The center of Giza is known as Giza Square.

Transportation to Giza may begin with the nearby Cairo International Airpot. Locally, Giza shares a subway system with Cairo. Known as the Metro, it connects Giza with 6th of October City, Cairo, and other cities. There is, of course, road network but traffic in Giza tends to be congested. Giza has a taxi system, and Uber has been available in Giza since 2015.

There are several hospitals and other medical facilities in Giza, as well as primary and secondary schools, and institutions of higher learning.



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