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Situated on the southeastern border of Cairo and about fifteen miles from Maadi, New Cairo was created in 2000 to relieve congestion in Cairo.

The city was established by presidential decree, and the Egyptian Ministry of Interior was headquartered in New Cairo in 2016. The new city is expected to reach a population of about five million, although it is still under development. As of this writing, there are already dozens of factories in New Cairo, and the city is connected to other Egyptian cities through a network of bus routes, although it does not yet have a metro system.

New Cairo is home to several luxury residential compounds, homes, and villas that appeal to a wealthy clientele, who are able to live outside of the congestion of Cairo, yet be able to commute to Cairo for work. More residential construction is currently in progress.

New Cairo is also home to universities, international schools, and other educational facilities, including a new campus of the American University in Cairo, the German University in Cairo, and Canadian International College, and others are expected to follow.

Given the activity currently underway in New Cairo, and what is anticipated to follow, several hotels have also been built and are in operation within the new city.



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