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Kenya has more than ninety FM radio stations, about fifteen television stations, and probably more than a hundred newspapers and magazines, as well as online media sources.

Most of Kenya's media publishes or broadcasts in the English language, although there are some Swahili publications and radio broadcasts in Swahili or other regionally-based languages. Broadcasting in English and Swahili, the government-owned Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, and the privately-owned Royal Media Services, are the only broadcasters with nationwide coverage, both broadcasting in English and Swahili, as well as in other vernacular languages.

Kenyan television stations with the most coverage include Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), NTV by Nation Media Group, Kenya Television Network (KTN), Citizen TV, and K24 Kenya, each of which carries news programming. Recently, new stations have been airing movies, music, and other television programming.

Popular radio stations include KBC Radio, Citizen FM, Kiss FM, Classic FM, Capital FM, Easy FM, Metro FM, X-FM, and Homeboyz Radio, as well as several private radio stations broadcasting in local vernacular languages. Most of the radio stations in Kenya are owned by just a few media companies, which include Nation Media Group, Standard Media Group, Radio Africa Group, Royal Media Service, and MediaMax Communication Group.

More than a hundred applications are awaiting approval by the Communication Commission of Kenya, which is the regulatory body for broadcasting, multimedia, telecommunications, electronic commerce, postal and courier services.

Daily newspapers in Kenya include the Daily Nation and The Standard, both independent publications, as well as X News and the People Daily, which are free newspapers, and a couple of specialized daily newspapers, Business Daily and The Star. The East African is a weekly newspaper published in Nairobi.

Kenya also has monthly and bi-monthly magazines, some of which are industry-specific, while others cover a range of topics that include business, entertainment, lifestyles, media, and politics. Many of the country's newspapers are distributed with a magazine.

Readers within Kenya and its diaspora may also view or participate in several online media sites carrying news, political opinion, and other information, as well as news aggregate sites and web portals. Internet access in Kenya is high, as compared with other African countries, although mobile devices are the most common means of access.

Freedom of the press has improved as compared to twenty or so years ago, but the country does assert some controls over the press. Prior to publication, a newspaper has to post a bond, which some consider prohibitive, and to register afterward. Kenyan law enforcement authorities have been known to raid newspaper offices on the basis of concerns over internal security, recently using concerns over terrorism to restrict freedom of information. Of course, such things occur in other countries as well, including the United States.



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