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China is the most populated country on the planet. It has the world's second-largest economy and a growing tourist sector. Hence, China's already large hospitality sector is expected to grow larger, as the country adds more hotels and resorts.

China's hotel industry has grown considerably in recent years but it hasn't come close to reaching a saturation point. There are three areas of growth in China's hospitality sector: business, tourism, and domestic travel.

China's economy is large and growing. China has a huge manufacturing sector, perhaps the largest in the world, particularly since companies throughout the world have moved their production facilities to China. Because of this, business travel to China is common, requiring hotel accommodations for foreign business executives, technicians, and others. This may include high-end as well as mid-scale guest accommodations.

One of China's fastest-growing economies is its tourism sector. China is an ancient country, one that is rich in historic tourist attractions, and it has become increasingly more welcome to tourists in recent years. Even its famed Forbidden City is no longer forbidden. There is, of course, also the Great Wall of China, but there is also the wonderful scenery to be seen in China's Middle Kingdom, its Rice Terraces, and Terracotta Warriors. There are many other things to see and do in China, and visitors will require guest accommodations of all sorts. China offers everything from luxurious resorts and five-star hotels to more budget-friendly accommodations, and camping facilities.

China's burgeoning economy has greatly increased its middle class, which has led to a growing domestic demand for vacation and leisure travel in China. For the most part, Chinese vacationers prefer a more relaxed vacation to a packaged tour, and they also like to explore new destinations when they travel rather than to revisit favorite spots.

Rather than using tour operators, most Chinese vacationers will plan and book their own vacation plans through online travel sites. When they are traveling domestically, within China, Chinese tourists are more likely to be conscious of their budget, increasing the demand for mid-level to low-level guest accommodations, and to make use of hotel loyalty programs.

Although small at this point, timeshare programs are beginning to take root in China, as well.

The focus of this category is on all sorts of guest accommodations in China. Appropriate topics include Chinese hotels, hostels, vacation homes, timeshares, campgrounds, or other forms of temporary housing for travelers in China. Hotel directories or online hotel booking sites are also on-topic in this category.



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