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Although still a developing country, India is developing rapidly. In the past few years, computer usage in India has been one of the most popular developments, accounting for a significant part of the nation's economy.

Computer literacy is high in India's urban centers, and businesses throughout the world have outsourced computer programming, manufacturing, web development, and content provision to Indian companies. Home ownership of computers is still low, as compared to most Western countries. Fewer than ten percent of urban homes have a personal computer, and that number drops to less than three percent in the rural areas of India. These numbers are rising, however.

One of the reasons that computer ownership has risen in India is that cost of computers, which have come down considerably. More options in computer technology have also helped, as many use tablets, smartphones, and inexpensive computers.

For those without computers and Internet access at home, Internet cafes are prolific in India's urban areas. Rural India has also seen remarkable growth in the adoption of computers. Personal ownership of computers remains low, but schools have adopted computers.

A significant difference in the usage of personal computers and Internet access in India, as compared to most Western countries, is that Indians are more likely to use computers in entrepreneur activities than for entertainment purposes. Even in home use, a computer is more likely to be a tool of business.

Computer businesses and services are the focus of topics found in this category, which may include computer manufacturing companies, computer components and accessories, software development, and consulting and repair services. Large-scale or nationwide retail or wholesale computer or software sales are also appropriate for this category.



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