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Topics related to Israeli print, broadcast, or online media are the focus of websites listed in this category. Appropriate topics may include Israeli newspapers or magazines, radio or television stations, online news media outlets, and any other forms of news or media from or about the State of Israel.

Although the Israeli media transmits its content in more than ten languages, only those with an English-language translation are appropriate for this directory, as it is a directory of English-language sites. Most Israeli media publishes or broadcasts in Hebrew, which is the common language of Israel, although an Arabic media caters to Israel's Arab-speaking citizenry. Targeting primarily an international audience, several Israeli media sites are published in English, or at least have an English-language option.

Censorship of the media does not occur often in Israel, although there are contingencies for it. When the Israeli government determines that a specific story or articles may threaten public safety, it may choose censorship. In such cases, a newspaper has the option to appeal the decision to a committee of three, which is chaired by a member of the public, and includes a representative from the press and one from the Israeli army. Censorship is not intended to be arbitrary or undertaken with political motivations. The committee has often overruled the censor.

In the years immediately following independence, during the Yom Kippur War, and through the 1970s, the Israeli government regularly censored the news, and controlled most of the Israeli news media outlets. However, in 1986, the government allowed for private and commercial media to compete with the state-operated outlets, and today the government has a large degree of respect for freedom of the press. Hate speech, that praising or encouraging violence, and issues of national security are prohibited, however. There have been allegations that Israeli authorities place more restrictions on Palestinian journalists, though.

A permit is required in order to publish a newspaper in Israel, and applicants may be refused if they are under the age of twenty-five, have a criminal record, or have insufficient education.

Several privately owned dailies, weeklies, and periodicals are published in Israel, and independent and state-operated radio and television stations broadcast in several languages, but primarily in Hebrew. Interestingly, the Israeli government did not permit color television transmissions until 1977, going so far as to order Israeli television stations to erase the color from color-taped broadcasts obtained internationally, and did not allow Israeli stations to film their own productions in color until 1981.

Broadband Internet access reaches more than 95% of the Israeli population, so online-only media outlets can reach the majority of the people in Israel. Internet-based news media focused on Israel are appropriate for this category, as well as Israeli newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and television stations.



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