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Of course Finland has its share of hotels, but it has more than its share of unusual hotels and unique places to sleep.

For example, there is the Arctic Treehouse Hotel in the city of Rovaniemi, the administrative capital and commerce centre of Lapland which is the northernmost province in Finland. It is approximately 6 kilometres south of the Arctic Circle and is considered by Finns to be the official home town of Santa Clause. A huge number of visitors to Rovaniemi are there with the hopes of seeing the Aurora Borealis, or "Northern Lights." There is a good chance their hopes will be realized because in Lapland, there can be as many as 200 occurrences of the Northern Lights a year, as opposed to southern Finland which is usually fewer than 20 appearances of the breathtaking phenomena. The Arctic Treehouse Hotel is built so that the windows, which take up the entire wall, provide spectacular views of the forest as well as the arctic sky and Northern Lights when they occur. Aside from the panorama, each room has its own private sauna. The rooms are rustic in their interiors and are small and "nestlike," and several of them are suites.

The northern village of Saariselka is home to the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort which offers glass igloos which have as their walls and their roofs glass domes. From inside the igloos, the Northern Lights are fully visible and the visitors don't have to go outside in the snow in order to enjoy the sights.

The Wilderness Hotel Muotka in situated in Sodankyla, which is in the Lapland region. The accommodations there are a mixture of yurt, tent, and igloo, and each unit has a private sauna, and heated windows which melt the snow that would otherwise obscure the view.

As mentioned above, there are conventional hotels, cottages, and luxury villas throughout Finland, but the extensive range of places to stay is striking.



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