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Finnish law protects property rights and consistently ranks highly in the International Property Rights Index. Secured interest in real property is recognized by the law and enforced as is moveable property. Mortgages in Finland may be applied to owned as well as rented real estate.

There are various financial mechanisms to help buyers in the form of state subsidies, tax deductions and tax credits, and first-time homebuyers’ exemption from transfer tax.

Finnish rental properties generally do not include carpeting, curtains, or lights other than kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Usually, however, there will be a refrigerator with a freezer and access to a communal sauna which will allow tenants to book private sauna time.

It is the tenant's responsibility to pay rent on time, to follow the rules of the building, and keep the apartment in good condition. If there is damage to the rental, the tenant needs to let the landlord immediately and in legally liable tor compensating the landlord for the damage. Cleaning the apartment when the lease is over and the tenant is moving is also the responsibility of the tenant. If the tenant is leasing the apartment or other unit, and the lease has lasted for one years or more without interruption, the lessee is required to give six months’ written notice in order to vacate the unit. If the tenant has been leasing for less than one year, the tenant has to give three months written notice. A month to month tenant has to give one month’s notice.

Landlords are prohibited by law from require more than three months rent for security deposits. Furthermore, the security deposit must be returned with interest when the tenancy is terminated, as long as the tenant has fulfilled his or her legal obligations as a tenant or lessee have been met.



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