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The government of the French Republic is dictated by the Constitution of the Fifth Republic. France has a bicameral parliamentary system

The President of France is elected to a five-year term via universal suffrage. The President is limited to two terms. It is the President's main job to determine government policy, along with his Council of Ministers. Additionally, he or she is the supreme commander of France's military and must decide what the broad guidelines for defense will be, and he or she appoints the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister of France directs the actions of the government and, in principle, sets out the fundamental political guidelines which originate with the President of the Republic, except for those guidelines which have to do with cohabitation. He or she appoints ministers who are then approved by the President. The Prime Minister ensures that the ministers do not take contradictory positions and he also arbitrates when conflict arise. The implementation of national defense and laws.

The members of the cabinet, or Council of Ministers, are given the task of overseeing their individual ministries, implementing laws, and proposing legislation to parliament. Additionally, they supervise public legal entities. There is a Council meeting which is presided over by the President.

The parliament consists of the lower house, or National Assembly, and the lower house, or Senate. There are 577 Deputies (lower house) elected every five years. Their elections are done by district. Senators are elected by electoral college which is made up of district council members, deputies, and municipal council members. On the other hand, there are 348 senators elected for six year terms.

The judiciary oversees the operations of the judicial system. The President appoints the judges of the Court of Cassation, the highest court of criminal or civil appeal in the country, after he receives nominations from the high Council of the Judiciary.

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