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Whether it's a treehouse, a castle, a windmill, or a yurt, France has many unusual places to stay while visiting the country.

For example, Aquitaine,-Dordogne is in the southwest corner of France, one can rent a 1-bedroom treehouse cabin on 6-metre stilts. It has a burl table in the kitchen and a whirlpool bath and a private sauna.

Just outside of Marseille, you could find accommodations in a capsule hotel, which is a bubble in the Provençal countryside. A transparent bubble made of recycled materials allows those inside it to sleep in nature and take in the view, even from bed. Each of the bubbles has a star chart and telescope, as well as a private shower.

Then there's the hobbit hut in the Bordeaux region. It's just big enough for two people, with a queen-sized bed, small kitchen and a hot tub. It also has a sky dome so the occupants can watch the stars all night if they so choose. The huts are built on a human scale, so almost anyone can stand straight up inside the hut.

In Hérault, in the hills of the Caroux Plateau, is a large yurt for glamping. It has wooden floors, five gigantic windows, and a domed ceiling which allows the sun in. The interior of the yurt is homey, with books on the bookshelves and plants scattered about.

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