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There is a wide variety of places one might stay while in Dublin, Ireland. Of course, there are traditional hotels and inns all over the city, but there are a number of other types of places one might spend a night or numerous nights.

There are several castles which offer lodging. All of them still look like a castle from the outside but have been redone to the point where they simply ooze luxury. Many have usable carriage rooms and lodges and others are modern inside with original stone wall exposed. At the other end of the spectrum, Dublin has utterly ultra-modern hotels, some of which appear to be entirely built of glass, with bamboo shades on the courtyard-facing windows.

And somewhere in the middle are retro-decorated inns advertised as being "for hipsters." These inns are outfitted with such things as Irish modern art, Netflix, Rega turntables, Nespresso machines, and snazzy Marshall amps for all the lodger's devices. There is even a hotel which is a converted Victorian schoolhouse.

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