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Because Dublin is both the largest city in Ireland and its capital, it is the de facto hub of the economy. Most of the country's transportation network emanates from Dublin, and Dublin Port is the scene of a very large portion of the country's import and export trade. Due to the city's status as Ireland's capital, most of the Irish civil service jobs are located there.

The busiest airport in Ireland is Dublin Airport, which serves more than 28 million passengers a year. Additionally, Aer Lingus, City Jet, and Ryanair, all Irish airlines, are headquartered in Dublin. The two longest canals in the country, the Grand Canal and the Royal Canal, meet in Dublin Bay. Numerous multinational corporations have a presence in the city.

Accenture, which was once a division of Andersen Consulting, moved its headquarters from Bermuda to Dublin. In 2014, Accenture replaced CGI Group as the lead contractor for Healthcare.gov, America's official government healthcare website, and in 2015, the US Department of Defense awarded the gigantic Electronic Health Records contract to three companies, one of which was Accenture. As of 2018, the company has 459,000.

Medtronic was founded as a medical equipment repair shop in Minneapolis by Earl Bakken and his brother-in-law Palmer Hermundslie in 1949. Bakken's most well-known, product was the first battery-operated, external artificial pacemaker in 1957. Medtronic announced that it would be moving its headquarters to Dublin for tax reasons in 2014. As of April 2017, Medtronic had approximately 91,000 employees.

CRH plc, an international group of diversified construction materials, was originally two Irish companies. Cement Ltd, established in 1936, merged with Cement Roadstone Holdings, which was established in 1949, in 1970. They are essentially a holding company which controls companies which manufacture such products as cement, concrete, fencing, glass, and merchant chains. In 2018, 86,778 people worked for the country.

Guinness, famous for both their Irish dry stout and their book of world records, is headquartered in Dublin, where their first brewery was located, since 1759. Currently, Guinness employs more than 22,000 people worldwide.

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