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Doncaster was settled around a Roman fort which was built in the 1st century on the River Don. It received a town charter from King Richard in 1194. The town grew, despite the repeated rounds of the plague between 1562 and 1606. In 1700, typhoid hit instead of the plague.

In the 1700s, Doncaster became a coach town, with inns and other establishments making a living from those who passed through town in stagecoaches. The railway came through in 1848 and changed the agricultural market town into a light-weight industrial one. In 1853, Great Northern Railway moved its engine building facility to Doncaster, and it was soon the number one employer in town.

During the 19th century, Doncaster established itself as a busy railroad junction with a locomotive works, and later, engineering was the emerging industry of the city.

In the 20th century, it morphed into a service centre for the nearby communities as well as continuing its agricultural markets. Only three of the original Mansion Houses in England survive, and one of them is Doncaster’s Mansion House. Built over time from 1745 to 1749, the Mansion House. It is also renowned due to the Doncaster Racecourse, which is also called the Town Moor course. The horse racing centre in Britain dates back to the 16th century.

Doncaster achieved city status in November of 2022. A celebration of that designation was held during the Platinum Jubilee Civic Honours on November 9 at the Mansion House with a royal visit by King Charles III and Queen Camilla.



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