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Once a small Victorian era fishing village, Grange, which would eventually be known as Grange-over-Sands, had long been known locally for its beauty and the recuperative powers of its water. Early on, reaching Grange was difficult so it was not usually overrun by outsiders.

In 1818, the Turnpike Road was built, connecting Greenodd and the Levens Bridge and making getting to Grange much easier than it previously was. But there was only one lodging place, the Crown Inn. Supplies were carted in from Kendal and meat from the region’s only butcher who was located in Cartmel.

In 1857 when the Ulverston and Lancaster Railway reached the village that it became a successful seaside resort. This link to the rest of the world also enabled the creation of the public lodging. The Hazelwood Hydro which is now known as the Cumbria Grand Hotel, was built by the Furness Railroad Company in 1866. The Grange Hotel and Robin’s Cottage were also built around this time.

An open-air 50-metre seawater swimming pool, Grange Lido, opened in 1932. It was filled with filtered water obtained from the sea at high tide. A unique Art Deco pool, it was situated on the Grange promenade on the Morecambe Bay shore. It had an upper viewing gallery with sun decks, a paddling pool, and a stepped diving stage, a slide, and diving boards.

In 1993, the Lido closed due to a report which suggested that the repairs which were most necessary were too expensive to justify.


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