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The city of Lancaster is both a city and the county town of Lancashire, England. It is situated at the head of the River Lune.

In the year 1 AD, a Roman fort was established where Lancaster Castle currently stands. There is only scant knowledge of the area between the early 5th Century when the Roman rule ended and 1066 AD when the Norman Conquest took place. It is widely believed that Lancaster remained inhabited during those years.

The Domesday Book of 1086 contains the first known mention of Lancaster. The charter founding the Lancaster Priory was signed by John, Count of Mortain who was soon to become the King of England, in 1094. It became a borough in 1193

. The castle was attacked and damaged by Robert the Bruce, King of Scots, during the Great Raid of 1322. Lancaster Castle survived the attack and was fully restored and fortified. In 1389, it was again destroyed by the Scots, this time by Robert II.

During the English Civil Wars, from 1642 until 1651, Lancaster Castle was captured by the Parliamentarians and was invaded by Royalist troops. The people of Lancaster turned to manufacturing around 1850 when the River Lune began to silt up, and as a result of that shift, during the advent of the Industrial Revolution, Lancaster became a renowned manufacturing region and centre of the textile industry.

Today, Lancaster is a burgeoning high tech sector which evolved from the Information Technology and Communications companies in the area.



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