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Nottingham, the city and unitary authority area in Nottinghamshire, England, is situated 180 km (110 miles) northwest of London. Nottingham is known for its bicycle, lace, and tobacco industries, but it is perhaps best known for its role in the legend of Robin Hood.

The beginnings of today’s Nottingham began shortly after the Romans withdrew from England. Situated upon a sandstone hill at a crossing on the River Trent, a small Anglo-Saxon settlement began to grow in the 6th century. Founded by an Anglian triube called the Snotiungas, the village was named Snotingham, which means “the village of Snot’s people.”

The Danes occupied this part of Europe beginning in the 9th century, and Snotingham was one of five towns of Danelaw. The Norman Conquest of 1066 provided new rulers who established a borough. Henry VI instituted the office of Sheriff and decreeing that the town, except for the jail and castle, should function as a county in and of itself.

Between 1138 and 1152, the civil war in Normandy and England resulted in what is commonly called “The Anarchy.” The Anarchy was a widespread breakdown of law and order which was set off by the death of King Henry I’s only legitimate son, who perished when the ship he was on, the White Ship, was sunk in the English Channel. There were more than 300 nobles aboard, and only one person survived.

It was at this time that Nottingham was seized and burned by Ralph Paganell. Hundreds of people were killed, including many who had fled to the safety of St. Peter’s Church.

Local products sold through the world marketplace include pharmaceuticals, tobacco, lace, and hosiery. The bicycle-manufacturing factory closed in the early 2000s.


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