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Anger, in its normal mode, is a natural response to threatening situations. The body of a person who is angry release adrenaline, while the blood pressure and heart rate become elevated. Additionally, the muscles become taut, and many people feel as if their senses become sharper. All of these things are the body's way of preparing to handle a threatening situation.

But when anger is not dealt with in a healthy manner, it becomes unmanageable; it becomes a problem. It is when the inability to control, or manage, anger in a healthy fashion that anger management becomes necessary.

The term "anger management" refers to a psycho-therapeutic programs which facilitates anger control and prevention. Anger, often a result of frustration, can also be a defensive response to feelings of powerlessness or vulnerability. There are several different types of anger management approaches, including cognitive behavioral therapy, positive mentalism, personal development, prevention and relationship enhancement, anger journaling, and medications.

During the anger management process, the patient learns to recognize the stressors which trigger anger in this or her life. Additionally, the patient learns to recognize the signs of impending anger, such as a racing heart, jaw clenching, or trouble with vision, as well as actions to take in order to dissipate the anger and deal with it appropriately.

Various anger management programs deal with the anger itself as well as the underlying causes, which may include psycho-social factors like stress, poverty, or poor familial situations as well as trauma and medical causes which might include alcoholism, drug addiction, PTSD, or mental disabilities.

Some of the skills one may learn as a result of anger management include preventing problems, both social and psychological, which are linked to anger, such as depression, relationship problems, and trouble at work or with the law. Another byproduct of anger management is better health in general, including the lifting or digestive problems, high blood pressure, and sleep problems.



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