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The focal point of this category is on the public and private educational system of Anguilla, including vocational training programs.

Formal education on the island is compulsory for those between the ages of five and seventeen. The Anguillan education system is based largely on the British model. The first six years are spent at primary school, where the core curriculum consists of arts, mathematics, social studies, and physical education, with music, arts, and technology forming its co-curricular studies.

There are six government primary schools in Anguilla. These are Adrian T. Hazell Primary, Alwyn Allison Primary, Morris Vanterpool Primary, Orealia Kelly Primary, Valley Primary, and Vivian Vanterpool Primary.

Adrian T Hazell Primary is the only government school in South Hill, one of the fourteen districts of Anguilla. Alwyn Allison Primary is in West End, while Morris Vanterpool Primary is in East End, and Orealia Kelly Primary is in Stoney Ground. Valley Primary is in The Valley, the capital city of Anguilla, and its largest town. Vivian Vanterpool Primary is in Island Harbour.

The lower secondary program is academic in nature. Upon completion of lower secondary, some students choose work over education.

Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School, in The Valley, is the only government secondary school on the island. Opening in 1953, it was originally known as The Valley Secondary School, at which time it served only the island's elite. It assumed its current name in 1986 and is now a universal secondary school. It has two campuses, both in The Valley. Forms 1-2 attend the B Campus while forms 3-6 attend the A Campus. There are forty-eight Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) units offered, as well as thirty-two Caribbean Secondary Examination Certificate (CSEC) courses. The Comprehensive School also provides pre-vocational training in music, creative and industrial arts, home economics, and the hospitality professions, as well as an adult education program.

Omololu International School opened as the Teacher Gloria Omololu Institute in 1994, Anguilla's first private school, is now a UNESCO school, offering a blend of its own curriculum and the National Curriculum of Anguilla, for grades 1-8. Central Christian School, a private preschool and elementary school in The Valley, closed after the 2016-2017 school year.

Several churches in Anguilla offer preschool and childcare services.

In North Hill, the Comprehensive Learning Centre offers a variety of programs for people of all ages.

Anguilla Community College opened in George Hill in 2008. Open to students in Sixth Form, it offers associate degrees in areas of business management, hospitality studies, and humanities and education, as well as certificate programs in technical and vocational education, and various short courses and adult education.

The Open Campus of the University of the West Indies has a campus in Anguilla, where a multi-modal delivery system allows students to study while maintaining a job. The Open Campus awards undergraduate degrees in accounting, business and finance, educational leadership and management, management studies, mathematics, and teaching. Graduate programs include diplomas in instructional design and literacy, and masters in education and literacy instruction.

The Illinois-based Saint James School of Medicine opened a branch in Anguilla in 2011. Situated near The Valley, Saint James enrolls students from throughout the world, offering student housing.

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