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Hotels, resorts, and vacation homes on the island of Anguilla are the focus of this guide.

With poor soil and few natural resources, Anguilla is heavily dependent upon tourism, offshore banking, and foreign investments, all of which bring people to the island. There are several guest lodging facilities on the main island of Anguilla to serve them.

Of course, Anguilla has much to offer, with its island markets and restaurants, and of course its beaches, and offshore fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and other water-based activities and sights. Anguilla's smaller islands are home to several species of birds. The main island of Anguilla also has outdoor offerings, such as horseback riding and hiking trails. As Anguilla is a limestone island, there are caves to explore, particularly along its northern coastline. There are also artists and art galleries on the island, and several local crafts shops.

The islands of Anguilla are also not without historical sites. The Anguilla Heritage Trail is a signposted trail across the island, showcasing some of the more important island sites. There are also historic homes, churches, and other structures, as well as museums housing artifacts.

Although Anguilla is not the place for all-night partying, there is nightlife in Anguilla, particularly in Sandy Ground.

Offshore banking is also important to the economy of Anguilla, and several of Anguilla's banks regularly do business with companies and individuals from throughout the world, offering a number of financial benefits.

Tourists, recreational travelers, and business people often come to the island for short periods of time, or for extended stays, finding several options in guest lodging facilities, from comfortable business accommodations to short-stay home rentals, and luxurious resorts with all of the trimmings.

The focal point of this category is on guest lodging facilities in Anguilla.



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