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Services and industries in Anguilla are the focus of topics listed in this category.

Given the importance of the banking industry, as well as offshore incorporation and management to the island, these are important services and industries in Anguilla, as is the captive insurance industry. As Anguilla has no capital gains, estate, profit, sales, or corporate taxes, the island has become a tax haven.

Its banks, money services businesses, company management services, insurers, brokers, captive intermediaries, mutual funds, and trust companies are among its largest industries and services.

Most of what is grown or raised on the island is consumed internally, although any agricultural businesses would be appropriate for this category. Anguilla does export lobster, fish, salt, rum, an concrete blocks. These businesses, also, may be listed in this category.

Anguilla has taken steps to increase the amount of its energy obtained from solar power, so as to be less dependent on imported diesel. These utilities, as well, would be suitable for this category.

Island businesses engaged in boat building and repair services may be listed here, along with any other manufacturing or repair services.



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