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Located in Sagadahoc County, the town of Woolwich is a suburb of the city of Bath, on the opposite shore of Merrymeeting Bay. First known as Nequasset, the area was settled in 1638 by Edward Bateman and John Brown, after they purchased the land from the Abenaki sachem, Mowhotiwormet, also known as Chief Robinhood. Richard Hammond operated a fortified trading post at Day's Ferry, on the Kennebec River, which is now within the town limits of Woolwich. However, early in King Philip's War, he was killed by Native American warriors. Nequasset was again attacked during King William's War, and again during Dummer's War in 1725, after which it was not resettled until the 1759 Fall of Quebec, at which time it became known as Woolwich.



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