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The city of Allegan, Michigan is the seat of government for Allegan County. Although entirely surrounded by Allegan Township, the city is autonomous from that of the township.

With a population of approximately five thousand, the city is in the south-central part of the county. The fifty-thousand-acre Allegan State Game Area is to the west and northwest. The Kalamazoo River enters the south-central portion of the city, winding in a northerly direction through the center of Allegan, exiting in the northwest corner of the city before forming Lake Allegan, then continuing to empty into Lake Michigan. West of the city, Lake Allegan is a 2.5 square-mile man-made lake that is popular for swimming, boating, and fishing.

The chief routes through the city are M-40, M-89, M-222, and A-37. M-40 is a north-south highway that runs from US 12, near the Indiana line, through Paw Paw and Allegan, continuing to its terminus in Holland. M-89 is an east-west highway that extends from a location near Ganges to Battle Creek. It passes through Allegan in a northwest-southeast direction, connecting Allegan to Millgrove and Otsego. M-222 begins in Allegan, connecting the city with Kellogg and Martin, to the west. A-37 is a county road that extends from I-96 in Hudsonville to Allegan.

Otsego is 10 miles to the southeast, Hopkins 10.6 miles northeast, Martin 11 miles east, Gobles 12.6 miles south, and Fennville is 11 miles east of Allegan.

In 1833, George Ketchum, Stephen Vickery, and Anthony Cooley acquired the land that now comprises the central portion of the city. Along with Elisha Ely and his son, Alexander, they planned and promoted the village, selling land to others interested in establishing businesses there. They viewed the site as a good location for industry, given its potential for water power from the Kalamazoo River, which could also serve as a waterway for transport. Other early investors or settlers included Samuel Hubbard, Charles Trowbridge, Pliny Cutler, and Edmund Monroe.

A post office was established there on July 24, 1833, with Samuel Foster as the first postmaster. Less than two years later, the post office was transferred to Otsego and renamed, but the Allegan post office was reestablished only ten days later, with Alexander Ely as postmaster.

By 1835, the village had a dam and a sawmill. The village was officially platted in 1837, and incorporated in 1838, becoming a city in 1907. In 1886, a one-lane bridge was constructed over the Kalamazoo River, connecting M-89 to the village's downtown region. Today, the restored Old Iron Bridge is used in the city's logo and considered a significant feature of the city.

Allegan enjoyed a brief time in the automobile business when Howard E. Blood and Louis Chevrolet produced a unique, chain-driven automobile there in 1914. Known as the Cornelian, fewer than a hundred of them were produced.

Allegan is a historic community in the western Lower Peninsula of Michigan. Its revitalized waterfront area offers recreational opportunities and entertainment, attracting locals and tourists. Several events are hosted within the city throughout the year. Additionally, nearby Lake Allegan, the Allegan State Game Area, the Bittersweet Ski Resort, Gun Lake Casino, and other area attractions draw people to the region.

The city's history is tied to manufacturing, and today its largest private-sector employer is Perrigo Corporation, a pharmaceutical manufacturer. Besides Perrigo, several other companies share Allegan's Highland Industrial Park.

As the county seat, Allegan also serves as a regional hub. All of the Allegan Public School's campuses are within a mile of the city limits, and most of the county's facilities are within the city or nearby. Allegra General Hospital is another major employer in the city.

Situated on both sides of the Kalamazoo River, many of Allegan's eleven parks are located on or near the river, and are designed for both residents and visitors. A 600-foot river boardwalk connects James E. Mahan Park to Hanson Park and offers views of the downtown district. Trestle Trail Park runs parallel to Jaycee Park and a wetland preservation. Jaycee Park includes a skate park, dog park, basketball court, golf course, and other amenities.

Allegan is a full-service city, with its own hospital, full-time police, fire, and EMS coverage, public school system, and a variety of industries and retail businesses.

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