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Atlanta, Michigan is an unincorporated community and census-designated place in Northern Michigan. It is the seat of government for Montmorency County.

The community is situated at the intersection of M-32 and M-33, which serve as the primary routes through the village, and which run concurrently for about six miles. Other routes include CR-487 and CR-489. A portion of the community extends into Avery Township east of Atlanta and south of the Thunder Bay River, which widens considerably in the center of the community, and forms much of the community's eastern boundary.

Twin Lake forms the community's northeastern boundary, and Lake Fifteen and Crooked Lake are just south of the community. The unincorporated community of Big Rock is 3.3 miles west, Bigelow is 8.5 miles west-southwest, and Avery is 8.8 miles southeast of Atlanta.

The village was founded by Alfred J. West, a lumberman who came to the area from Capac in 1881, building a home there. Originally, the new settlement was known as Big Rock, but it was changed to Atlanta when a post office was established there on October 2, 1882, with Alfred J. West as its first postmaster. A Civil War veteran, West named the village after the city in Georgia.

Today, Atlanta is a popular vacation and hunting center, given surrounding forests and campgrounds, including Clear Lake State Park, just over nine miles to the north, as well as the several fishing lakes nearby.

A winter rally, Sno'Drift, takes place in the county each year, with its headquarters in Atlanta. Generally, it involves a national championship event covering both days of rallying, and two regional rally events each covering one of the two days. Held in January, the course takes place primarily on snow-covered gravel roads.

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