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Any of a variety of services and industries in Bad Axe, Michigan are appropriate topics for this category.

These may include local manufacturing companies, such as the Bad Axe Soap Company, which produces all-natural and handcrafted bath and beauty products in Bad Axe, or Valley Gear & Machine, a family-owned CNC machining, and gear manufacturing facility.

Construction companies and other contractors in Bad Axe may be listed here, including local landscapers, roofing companies, electricians, plumbers, HVAC services, and landscapers. Telecommunications and utility companies based in the city might be found here, as well.

Agricultural concerns, like farms or plant nurseries, may be listed here if they are located within the city.

Various services, such as auto repair shops, auto body shops, and computer repair services in Bad Axe might be found here, as would funeral services, printing companies, and others.

Advertising and marketing firms in Bad Axe would be appropriate for this category, including traditional advertising and web marketing, search engine optimization services, and web design and development. Publishing companies in Bad Axe might also be found here.

Banks, credit unions and other financial institutions and services in Bad Axe would be appropriate for this category. These may include accounting and bookkeeping services, actuaries, and financial consultants. Attorneys, law firms, and legal services in Bad Axe may also be listed here.



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