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Bancroft, Michigan is a small incorporated village in the southeastern section of Shiawassee Township in lower central Shiawassee County.

Surrounded by the township, the major routes through the village are East Lansing Road and Grand River Road, which intersect in the northwestern part of the village, with Grand River Road connecting with I-69 just north of Bancroft.

The city of Flint is about twenty-five miles northeast of the village, while Lansing is about thirty miles southwest. Nearer by, the city of Durand is 5.8 miles northeast, Corunna is 9.5 miles north, Perry is 9.7 miles southwest, Owosso is 12.2 miles north-northwest, and Laingsburg is 15.8 miles west of Bancroft. These cities serve as service centers for the village, while many village residents are employed in Flint or Lansing.

The village of Vernon is 5.5 miles north-northeast, Morrice is 7.5 miles southwest, and Byron is 8.0 miles southeast.

The Shiawassee River is northeast of the village, and the Scribner Drain is south of Bancroft. Hemingway Lake is just west of the central village.

Bancroft was founded on land that had been owned by N.G. Phillips and W.M. Warren. Although the village had been platted earlier, the original plat was never file, while a second plat was filed in 1877, the year in which the Chicago & Lake Huron Railroad established a station there, with H.M. Billings as the station agent. A post office was opened in Bancroft on June 28, 1877, with John L. Simonson as its first postmaster. Bancroft was incorporated as a village in 1883.

In 1890, Bancroft had a population of 642, and its peak population was 724 in 1970, after which it declined through the 1980s and 1990s. While the 2000 census indicated a slight rebound, the village's population decreased by more than eleven percent in the 2000s.

The decline in population is attributed to an out-migration of households from industrial regions in Michigan since the early 1980s, due to the recession that affected several of the state's industries, particularly in the automotive fields. There was also a trend toward smaller families, and Bancroft is experiencing an aging population, which have led to declining populations in several of the state's small communities.

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