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Bark River, Michigan is an unincorporated community in the southern part of the Upper Peninsula. It is near the center of Bark River Township, in Delta County, not far from the Menominee County line.

Bark River is accessed primarily by US-41, which is also US-2 as it passes through the village. Old Highway 2/41 is a business route that parallels the highway to the north, passing through the center of the village. D Road leads north and south from the center of the village. M-69 (F Road) leads northwest just past Bark River.

The unincorporated community of Harris is 2.7 miles west-southwest, Schaffer is 4.3 miles north, and Pine Ridge is 6.7 miles north-northeast of Bark River. Hannahville and the Hannahville Indian Community is 6.5 miles to the south. The nearest incorporated city is Escanaba, about eleven miles to the east.

Captain Charles Pease, a Civil War veteran, came through the area as a guide to Lars Kovala, a land speculator. Captain Pease took a homestead there and is acknowledged as the first European-American settler. On November 30, 1877, a post office was opened there, in anticipation of the railroad coming through. Luke D. McKenna was appointed postmaster. The post office was named Barkville, for the nearby Bark River.

When the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad extended its tracks through the region in 1882, the village was moved to the north side of the track and renamed Bark River on July 11, 1899.

As an unincorporated community, the boundaries of the village are not clearly defined. Locally, the name is used to refer to the area as well as to the village. Although the focus of this category is on the village, websites representing businesses, industries, schools, churches, organizations, attractions, and events bearing a Bark River postal address are appropriate for this category.


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