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Baroda, Michigan is an incorporated village in the southwest Lower Peninsula. Situated in the upper central part of Baroda Township, the village is administered independently.

No major highways pass through the village, although I-94 is about four miles to the west. Locally, the village is served by Stevensville-Baroda Road, Hills Road, and West Shawnee Road. Each situated about 4.5 miles away, the city of Bridgman is to the west, the village of Stevensville is north-northwest, and the unincorporated community of Hinchman is northeast of Baroda.

Lake Michigan is about five miles to the west.

The first European-American settlers came to the area in the 1830s, clearing land, draining swamps, and building homes and farms. However, a village was not formed until sometime after Michael Houser came to the area with the objective of founding a town. He negotiated with the railroads, eventually persuading the Vandalia Railroad to establish a station there.

He then platted a town, selling lots at easily affordable prices, offering free lots to anyone who would build a store or another building worth at least $500. When a post office was established there on December 3, 1890, he proposed that the new settlement be named Houser, after himself, but the post office rejected that name. Instead, it was named Baroda, for a city in western India. Aldis E. Holmes, the railroad express agent, was the first postmaster. Baroda was incorporated as a village in 1907.

While the new village declined by ten percent during its first decade, its population increased by more than thirty percent in the second decade. While it remains a small village, its population has not declined since.

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