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The focus of this category is on faith, religion, and spirituality in Bay City, Michigan, which will largely consist of websites representing local churches and places of worship.

The majority of the sites listed in this category will be Christian churches since Christianity is the majority religion in Bay City. The largest single denomination is Roman Catholicism, which claims nearly 31% of Bay City residents who identify with a religion. Although there are more Protestants, about 53%, Protestantism is divided into several denominations, Lutheranism being the largest, although Lutherans are divided into a few separate denominations. Just short of 2% of Bay City residents are Methodists, and just over 1% are Presbyterians, while all other denominations claim fewer than one percent.

Websites representing places of worship in Bay City are appropriate for this category, regardless of the religion, denomination, or sect. Any topics relating to religion in Bay City, such as religious ministries or discussion of religion in the city, are suitable.



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