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Bellevue, Michigan is an incorporated village in southwest Eaton County. It is in south-central Bellevue Township, although the village maintains its own municipal government.

The chief route through the city is M-78, which enters in the central-west portion of the Bellevue, turns south at the center of the city, exiting in the central-south. Within the city limits, M-78 is known as West Capital Avenue and South Main Street. Other routes through the city include Battle Creek Road (East Capital Avenue), Love Highway, and South Ionia Road (North Main Street). South Pease Road connects with Love Highway, and Sand Road connects with M-78 just west of the city.

The city of Olivet is 6.0 miles east, Charlotte is 13.0 miles northeast, Battle Creek is 13.9 miles southwest, and Marshall is 17.3 miles south of Bellevue, while the village of Vermontville is 13.2 miles north, and Nashville is 15.3 miles south-southeast.

The Battle Creek River flows roughly northwest and west, entering the city in the southeast and exiting it in the center-west.

The first government land purchase in the region that was to become Bellevue was by Luther Lincoln in 1832. He sold his property to Isaac E. Crary, who platted the village in 1835. However, the first permanent settler was Captain Reuben Fitzgerald, a veteran of the War of 1812, who came in 1833 and is credited with being the village's founder. On May 2, 1835, a post office was established in Bellevue, with John T. Hoyt as postmaster, although it was originally spelled Bellvue.

The village was part of Calhoun County until Eaton County was organized in 1837, and it served as the county seat from 1838 to 1840, when it was moved to Charlotte. Bellevue was the first town founded in Eaton County. On January 8, 1841, with J.P. Woodbury as postmaster, the current form of spelling was put into effect, and Bellevue was incorporated as a village in 1867.

The west side of the village contains a large limestone bed, which as been in continuous operation for more than a century. Stone from the Bellevue quarry was used to build the Michigan State Capitol.

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