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The focus of this category is on topics relating to teaching, training, education, and learning in the City of Benton Harbor, Michigan.

According to 2019 survey data, 75% of those twenty-five years old or older had graduated from high school or completed the GED or equivalent credential. By way of comparison, 95% of St. Joseph residents had completed high school. Nearly 50% of St. Joseph residents had a bachelor's degree or higher, while only 7% of Benton Harbor residents had graduated from college.

Websites representing schools, at any level, are appropriate for this category if they are located in Benton Harbor.

This may include local daycare centers if there is some educational component to them, as well as pre-kindergarten and preschool programs, and K-12th-grade schools or programs, whether they are operated by a public school district, as part of a religious institution, or as a private entity. Montessori schools may also be listed here, as may Christian schools, charter schools, and any other type of schools in Benton Harbor.

Of course, vocational schools, colleges, and universities may be represented here if they have a campus in Benton Harbor. For those not based in Benton Harbor, the section of the website that represents the Benton Harbor campus should be listed here, while the main site may be listed in the category representing the geographical location of the central campus. Lake Michigan College, although its campus is east of the city limits, may be listed here because it uses a Benton Harbor mailing address and its main campus is referred to as the Benton Harbor Campus.

Other training programs, such as driver training, or other types of vocational training programs, would also be suitable for this category.



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