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As the title implies, the focus of this category is on things to do and places to go in Benton Harbor, Michigan. This may include a large variety of attractions, events, entertainment venues, and recreational opportunities.

Museums, historical places, libraries, and art galleries in Benton Harbor may be included here, along with local theaters, concert halls, and entertainment venues. Websites representing parks and zoos might be found here, as well.

Local events, such as festivals, concerts, and other annual or regularly scheduled events, may be listed here, and Benton Harbor sports facilities, programs, or teams would also be suitable for this category, whether operated by the municipality, school district, community non-profit organization, or through a private entity.

Examples, which are not at all comprehensive, include Jean Klock Park, Plangger Park, Rocky Gap Beach, the Sarett Nature Center, and Hidden Pointe, as well as Celebration Cinema and Campus Q Billards & Bar. Skellville, a scary attraction located along a road, includes skeletons placed in various places, and other scenarios.

The Benton Harbor Public Library website may be listed here, as might the Morton House Museum, the ARS Arts & Culture Center, or any movie theaters or theatre groups in Benton Harbor.

These are just a few, and they may or may not have websites. Any attractions, events, entertainment venues, and sports or recreational opportunities in Benton Harbor would be appropriate for this category.



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