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The City of Berkley, Michigan is a northern suburb of Detroit, situated along the Woodward Corridor in southeast Oakland County. It is bordered by the cities of Beverly Hills, Huntington Woods, Oak Park, Royal Oak, and Southfield.

The city's northern border is West Webster Road, with M-1 (Woodward Avenue) on the east, 11 Mile Road on the south, and Greenfield Road on the west. The 133-acre Roseland Park Cemetery takes up the northeastern portion of the city, and extends beyond the city limits to the north, into Royal Oak.

Before the area was settled by European-Americans, it was made up of dense forests, with pockets of swampland, and was considered by many to be uninhabitable or impassable due to the swamps. However, those who finally made their way through the swamps found good farmland.

Farmers cut the forests in the land that was to become Berkley, using the lumber to build homes, and preparing the land for agriculture. By the 1840s, there were several dairy farms in Berkley.

In 1910, the Highland Park Ford Plant was constructed, about ten miles away, and workers began building homes in Berkley. Detroiters were also moving to Berkley in order to avoid the higher cost of living in Detroit. Farms were sold and converted into subdivisions.

In order to avoid being absorbed by surrounding cities, Berkely was incorporated as a village in 1923. As Elmer Cromie had named the road that ran through his farm Berkley, and the Berkley School was under construction, that name was selected from a number of names that were proposed.

In 1929, the Wall Street Crash brought growth in the new village to a standstill, as most of the village's inhabitants lost their jobs. In 1932, Berkley citizens voted to incorporate the village into a city in order to gain more control over taxes and other issues that were then facing the community.

The economic situation improved in the 1940s due to a post-war economic boom, and the city's population increased by nearly 200% between 1940 and 1950, peaking at 23,275 by the 1960 census. Since then, it has decreased slightly each census year, at least up until 2010.

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