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Berrien Springs, Michigan is in central-eastern Oronoko Charter Township, Berrien County, in the southwestern Lower Peninsula.

The village is situated mostly on the west banks of the Saint Joseph River, although it includes Pardee Island and Shamrock Park, on the eastern side of the river, north of Pardee Island. Lake Chapin, formed from the river, borders the city on the south and southeast.

The main route through the village is Business 31, which connects with US 31 northeast of the village. Secondary routes include East Shawnee Road, East Snow Road, Shaker Farm Road, and Tudor Road. The village of Eau Claire is 4.3 miles northeast and Baroda is 8.2 miles west of Berrien Springs, while the city of Buchanan is 9.8 miles south, Niles is 10.1 miles south-southeast, and Dowagiac is 14.3 miles east of the village.

The Berrien Springs Public Schools campus takes up a large part of the western portion of the village, including Berrien Springs High School, Berrien Springs Middle School, Mars Elementary School, and Sylvester Elementary School. Village Seventh-day Adventist Elementary School is located in the same area. Although not within the boundaries of the village, Andrews University and Andrews Academy are less than a mile away, to the northwest, and served by the Berrien Springs post office.

The Berrien Springs Community Library serves both the village and Oronoko Township. The village also has two dedicated parks within the village limits. Wolf's Prairie Park is a 17-acre neighborhood park with a playground and a shelter. Shamrock Park is situated mostly on the east side of the river in the northeastern portion of the village, although a portion of the park is on the west side of the river.

The area that was to become Berrien Springs was first settled by the John Pike family in 1829. George Kimmel, who also came in 1829, bought Pike's land but didn't bring his family to the area until 1831. As others came, the settlement was first known as Wolf's Prairie because it was situated on a large prairie, and had previously been a Potawatamie village governed by a chief known as Wolf.

The town was platted in 1831 by Samuel Marrs for Pitt Brown, Horace Godfrey, and Francis B. Murdock, who were the proprietors. On December 4, 1832, a post office was established there, with Pitt Brown as postmaster. The post office was known as Berrien, as the springs had not yet been discovered. It was named for John M. Berrien, Attorney General under President Andrew Jackson.

On April 18, 1836, the post office was renamed Berrien Springs, after mineral springs were discovered in the area.

In 1837, Berrien Springs became the county seat of Berrien County, remaining so until 1894, when it was moved to Saint Joseph. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the original county courthouse campus is currently one of the oldest county government buildings in the Midwest.

In 1863, Berrien Springs was incorporated as a village by the supervisors, and by the state legislature in 1867.

Lake Chapin was created through the construction of the Berrien Springs Dam in 1906, which began generating power in 1908.

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