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Websites representing churches and other places of worship in the City of Big Rapids, Michigan are the focus of resources listed in this category.

In response to a survey in 2020, nearly half of respondents in the United States reported that they had a religious affiliation, but just over thirty percent of people responding to the survey from Big Rapids gave a preference for a religion. Christianity was the most common religion in the city, with less than one-tenth of a percent naming a religion other than Christianity. There were more Protestants than Catholics, but Roman Catholics were the dominant single denomination, as the Protestants were divided into several denominations. Methodists were the most common Protestant denomination, followed by the Lutherans and Presbyterians.

Islam is growing in Big Rapids, however. The Islamic Center of Big Rapids serves the Muslim community in Big Rapids and the surrounding region.

Regardless of the specific religion, denomination, or sect, places of worship, ministries, or other topics related to faith, religion, or spirituality in Big Rapids, Michigan are appropriate for this category.



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