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Bingham Farms, Michigan is an incorporated village in the southeastern portion of the Lower Peninsula. Although administered autonomously, it is in Southfield Township, Oakland County.

The village is situated between Bloomfield Township to the north, the village of Beverly Hills to the east, the city of Southfield to the south, and the village of Franklin to the west.

The chief route through the village is US Route 24 (Telegraph Road), which serves as the village's western boundary. Other routes include West 14 Mile Road, its northern boundary, and West 13 Mile Road, which passes through the center of the village, and Bingham Road, which enters the village in the north and terminates at West 13 Mile Road.

The city of Lathrup Village is 4.1 miles southeast, Bloomfield is 4.6 miles northeast, Birmingham is 6.0 miles northeast, Berkley is 6.0 miles east, and the village of Orchard Lake is 8.7 miles northwest of Bingham Farms, while Pontiac is 9.2 miles north and Detroit is 20 miles southeast.

The larger area around what was to become Bingham Farms was Indian land until it was relinquished by treaty in 1827. Shortly afterward, in 1833, Peter DesNoyer homesteaded a large section of property. Before long, his property was divided up between two families, the Adams and the Binghams. Portions of the land were later acquired by the Bristol and Britney families.

Michigan became a state in 1836. The state was sectioned into townships that were thirty-six square miles each. What is now Bingham Farms, Beverly Hills, Franklin, and the City of Southfield were initially part of Southfield Township, and Bingham Farms remained part of the township until the 1950s.

In the early 1950s, there was an attempt to incorporate the entire township into the City of Southfield. Not everyone was in favor of this, however. In order to prevent this eventuality, residents in several parts of the township filed to become separate villages. One proposal was for Bingham Farms and Franklin to incorporate as a large village, but Bingham Farms residents elected to remain independent.

Five Bingham Farms residents (William King, James McGuire, Frank Lamberson, William Hyland, and Carson Bingham) drafted a charter for Bingham Farms. Although Carson Bingham was not in favor of the village being named after him, the others decided to do that, and the Village of Bingham Farms was approved by residents of the village, and the village was incorporated in 1955.

Residents of Bingham Farms were intent on preserving as much of the village's rural character as possible, although most of its farms and orchards had already been subdivided into single-family lots, zoning ordinances were enacted to preserve the remaining forest land. Until 1984, all of the roads in the village were left unpaved in order to discourage development. Since 1980, the village population has roughly doubled, although it is still just over one thousand.

Public school students from Bingham Farms attend Birmingham City School District campuses. Bingham Farms Elementary School is located in Bingham Farms.

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