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The village of Bloomingdale, Michigan is situated in Bloomingdale Township, in northern Van Buren County, and is the township seat.

The Haven and Max Lake Drain flows through the southern segment of the village, and Melvin Creek is just north of Bloomingdale. Max Lake is just southeast of the village.

The Kal-Haven Trail is a trail that runs along the former Kalamazoo and South Haven Railroad line, running directly through the main four corners and business district of the village, which is about midway along the trail.

The main routes through the village are County Roads 388 and 665, which intersect in the village center. Gobles is 5.5 miles southeast, Breedsville is 8.3 miles northeast, and Bangor is 14.0 miles northeast, while the City of Kalamazoo is about twenty-five miles to the southeast.

Davis Haven and Henry Killefer, both from Ohio, are credited with founding the village in 1855. A post office was established at Bloomingdale on January 17, 1856. Although it was briefly closed in April of that same year, it was restored on May 24, 1856, with Rufus M. Brown as postmaster. The village was platted by William Killefer and George W. Haven in 1870, the year that the Michigan Central Railroad extended its track to the village, and Bloomingdale was incorporated as a village in 1881, named for the flowers that bloomed in the valley.

Despite minor fluctuations, the population has remained fairly consistent since it first appeared on a census in 1880 with a population of 292. Its peak population was 553 in 1940, and its population in 2010 was 454.



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