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Situated on the South Branch of the Boyne River, which forms a portion of its western boundary, the village of Boyne Falls is in North Michigan, about eight miles southeast of Boyne City.

Boyne Falls is in Boyne Valley Township, in Charlevoix County. The North Branch of the Boyne River is just north of the village and the junction of the river's two branches is to the northwest.

The main routes through the village are US Highway 131 and M-75, which intersect in the west-central portion of the village, near Boyne River Pond. East Jordan is 12.8 miles west of the village, Vanderbilt is 16.0 miles east, and Gaylord is 21.3 miles to the southeast.

Although located more than eight miles east of the village limits, Thumb Lake is generally considered to be part of Boyne Falls, largely because it is served by the Boyne Falls post office. Thumb Lake is a 484-acre kettle lake with a maximum depth of 152 feet. The lake is sometimes known as Lake Louise, which comes from a camp director who sought to rename the lake for his wife.

The formation of Boyne Falls preceded that of the much larger Boyne City. Platted in 1873 by William Nelson and Joseph Powers, the village was originally known as Boyne Valley. In 1874, the Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad laid track through the area. A.D. Carpenter built a store there that same year, and a post office was established on September 5, with William Nelson as the first postmaster. At that time, the town's name was changed to Boyne Falls, named for the falls on the nearby Boyne River.

The railroad transported wood harvested in the area to the lake at Boyne City, where it was shipped via Lake Michigan to markets in Chicago and Milwaukee. This was facilitated by the tracks between Boyne Falls and Boyne City. As additional branches of the railroad were added to Boyne City, the city outgrew the village.

With the end of the lumber era in the region, the trains stopped running, but a passenger train ran from Boyne Falls to Boyne City during the 1970s, serving as a tourist attraction.

The population of Boyne Falls peaked in 1900 at 431 and was 297 at the time of the 2010 census.

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