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The village of Breckenridge is in northern Gratiot County, in the Central Michigan region of the Lower Peninsula, about twenty-five miles southwest of Midland.

It is bordered by Bethany Township on the west, and otherwise surrounded by Wheeler Township. The chief route through the Breckenridge is M-46 (Monroe Road), which runs east-west through the center of the village. Wisner Road forms the village's western boundary, while McClelland Road forms its eastern boundary, and Arnold Road runs north-south through the center of the village.

St. Louis is 6.6 miles to the west, Merrill is 7.1 miles east, and Ithaca is 14.7 miles southwest of Breckenridge.

Charles H. Howd is credited with being the first European-American settler in the region when he claimed 240 acres of land in 1860, settling it in 1870. When the Saginaw Valley & St. Louis Railroad came through in 1872, he created a townsite in what is now the south side of town, and established a general store, in which the village's first post office was established on May 19, 1873, with Howd as the first postmaster. Daniel W. and Justin A. Breckenridge acquired land there for a sawmill. Justin gave the railroad a right-of-way across a portion of his land for the railroad bed, and Daniel contributed land for a school site, as well as for Congregational and Methodist churches.

The railroad built a station there, naming it for the Breckenridge brothers. The railroad supplied a means of transporting lumber products, which were then the mainstay of the area economy.

Early settlers included Sam Brown, who acquired land in the northwest part of the village, and James and D.D. Brooks, who settled in the southwestern part of town. A blacksmith shop was opened by Ed Smith, and a hoop factory was established by L.H. Town and Warren Crandell. Two men named Hood and Peterman opened a stave mill, and a sawmill and oar factory was opened by Braddock and Son of Portsmouth in Bay County, and Charles Howd later bought an interest in that business. Citizens petitioned for incorporation as a village in late 1907, and Breckenridge was incorporated as a village in January of 1908.

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