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Breedsville is a small village in northern Van Buren County. It is part of Columbia Township, which surrounds the village, administered autonomously.

The chief route through the village is County Road 215, also known as Pine Street within the village limits, and County Road 380 (Main Street), which intersect in the lower central portion of Breedsville. The South Branch of the Black River flows through the southern portion of the village. The main settlement area of the village is just north of the river, along Main Street, which largely parallels the river.

Bangor is 4.6 miles southwest of the village, while Bloomingdale is 8.3 miles northeast, Lawrence 9.8 miles south, Gobles 11.8 miles west, and South Haven 12.3 miles to the northwest. The unincorporated community of Grand Junction is 1.4 miles directly south of Breedsville.

European-American settlement of the area that was to become Breedsville began in May of 1835, when Jonathan Hinkley and Barnard M. Howard came to the region looking for lumbering opportunities. Later that year, they returned from New York with a group of about twenty-five people, one of them being Silas Breed, who built a sawmill there. A community grew up around the sawmill, and a post office was established on September 25, 1837, with Amos S. Brown as postmaster. The post office was closed on January 13, 1841, but restored on May 7, 1852. Breedsville was incorporated as a village in 1883, and named for Silas Breed.

Today, Breedsville is a small village with a few businesses, but it is mostly home to just under a couple of hundred people. The village features the river, a couple of parks, and nearby larger cities to supply any other needs. As of the 2010 census, the population of Breedsville was 199. At its peak, in 1880, there were 300 people, and its lowest point was 1920, when its population was 140.

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