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Bridgeport, Michigan is an unincorporated community in Bridgeport Charter Township, covering the township from Saginaw in the northwest, south along I-75 to the center of the township.

The Bridgeport post office covers the southeast portion of Bridgeport, as well as the southeastern part of the township, as well as portions of southwest Frankenmuth Township and Birch Run Township. The rest of Bridgeport is covered by the Saginaw post office.

The chief route through the community is I-75, which runs roughly north-south through the eastern portion, forming the eastern boundary of Bridgeport in the north and the south, while a portion of the census-designated place extends east of the interstate in the center. Other routes include Airport Road, Baker Road, Dixie Highway, Fort Road, King Road, Portsmouth Road, Riverview Road, Studor Road, Tatham Road, Treanor Road, Washington Road, and Williamson Road.

Frankenruth is 7.9 miles east, Birch Run is 10.2 miles southeast, and St. Charles is 21.4 miles southwest of Bridgeport.

The Cass River runs through the southern portion of the community.

Bridgeport Township was one of the oldest in Saginaw County, having been settled around 1835. The first European-American to settle in the area that was to become Bridgeport was Auri Campbell, having built the first home in the township near the present townsite, although the exact location isn't known. In 1836, Sidney S. Campbell built the second house. The town that grew there was first known as Cass Bend, which was a reference to the sharp bend that the Cass River makes at the townsite. A post office was established there on October 12, 1836, with Sidney Campbell as the first postmaster.

Meanwhile, at what is now known as Cass Bridge, Lily Cook formed a village known as Bridgeport Centre, as that was the point where the Flint Trail crossed the Cass River. Cook hoped that this would become the major settlement in the township. A hotel known as the Bridgeport Centre House was built there, and a post office opened on August 1, 1851, with Samuel Munson as postmaster. In 1880, the Bridgeport Centre post office was shortened to Bridgeport, and the Cass Bend post office closed on January 30, 1904, and Bridgeport eventually encompassed both townsites.

In the late 1800s, a road was built from the Cass Bridge to the county line, which became a turnpike connecting with one already extending to Flint, stimulating growth in the town. This was enhanced further with the extension of the railroad through the area, including the Pere Marquette Railway and the Michigan Railway.

Due to its proximity to Saginaw, Bridgeport has long been popular with Saginaw people wanting to get away from the city and, despite being only a few miles from the city, it has retained a country atmosphere, although it also enjoys several small businesses and hotels along the interstate.

Bridgeport has been a census-designated place since 2000. Its population was 7,849 in 2000, and 6.950 in 2010.

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