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Surrounded by the Ottawa National Forest, Bruce Crossing, Michigan is an unincorporated community in Stannard Township, in east Ontonagon County, in the western Upper Peninsula.

The chief routes through the community are US Highway 45 and M-28, which intersect in the center of Bruce Crossing. The rural community is 27.7 miles south of Ontonagon, 39.8 miles east of Wakefield, and 47.3 miles northeast of Baraga. The Baltimore River flows just west of the Bruce Crossing, and Clear Creek, House Creek, and Mile and One Half Creek wind through the community.

Bruce Crossing grew around a sawmill built by August Neuman in the late 1800s, aided by the Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Railroad, which passes through just north of the intersection of US-45 and M-28. Donald M. Bruce opened a store near where the railroad crossed the old Military Road, now US-45, and he was appointed the first postmaster for the community on March 5, 1888. Originally, the community was named Bruce's Crossing, but was shortened to Bruce Crossing on August 13, 1891.

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