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Buckley, Michigan is an incorporated village in northern Wexford County. Situated in northwest Hanover Township, the village is administered autonomously.

The main route through the village is M-37, which enters the village in the west, where it is also known as West Wexford Avenue, then turns north, where it becomes North 1st Street. West County Line Road forms the northern boundaries of the village, North 17 Road forms its eastern boundary, and West 4 Road and Lakeshore Drive form its southern boundary, while Timberlane Trail forms a small portion of its western boundary. Other routes through the village include West 2 1/2 Road and North 15 1/2 Road.

Mesick is 9.0 miles south, Kingsley is 12.6 miles northeast, Thompsonville is 13.9 miles west, and Manton is 22.6 miles southeast.

Buckley was formed along a railroad station established by the Manistee & North-Eastern Railroad in 1905, and the village was founded by G.A. Brigham in 1905, and named for the Buckley & Douglas Lumber Company, which employed several of the community's early settlers. A post office was established in Buckley on March 31, 1906, with Frank Wightman, a local merchant, as its first postmaster. Buckley was incorporated as a village in 1907.

Lake Gitchegume is a man-made lake situated in the southern part of the village. Created in the 1960s by damming up the east branch of Wheeler Creek, the lake was first filled with water in 1966 and then drained to seal the bottom before being filled to its maximum water level. The land surrounding the lake is managed by the Lake Gitchegumee Property Owners Association as a private lake community.

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