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Burlington is an incorporated village in lower Calhoun County, between the villages of Athens and Tekonsha. Situated in the south-central Lower Peninsula of Michigan, it is in southern Burlington Township, although administered autonomously.

The main route through the village is M-60 (Leroy Street), which runs largely east-west through the center of Burlington. 11 Mile Road runs north-south, intersecting M-60 in the upper center of the village. Athens is 10.9 miles to the west, and Tekonsha is 5.7 miles to the east, while the city of Battle Creek is 21.1 miles north-northwest, Marshall is 16.8 miles north-northeast, and Coldwater is 17.7 miles south of Burlington.

The Saint Joseph River enters the village in the center-east, existing it in the southwest.

The village of Burlington was founded in 1833 by William and Ansel Adams. Several of the early settlers were veterans of the War of 1812 and granted the land in payment for their service during the war. The town was named for a gunboat that had seen service on the Great Lakes during the War of 1812. A post office was established in Burlington on April 5, 1838, with Levi Houghtaling as the first postmaster. Burlington was incorporated as a village in 1869.

Burlington has never been a large town. In 1880, when it first appears in the census, the population was 326. Its peak population was 405 in 2000 but, by 2010, its population had decreased to 261. At its lowest, in 1920, the population was 194.

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