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The focus of this guide is on the City of Burton, in Genesee County, bordering Flint on the northwest. Burton is the second-largest city in the county, next to Flint.

The chief routes through the city are I-69 (Court Street) and I-475 (Buick Freeway South). Fenton Road, South Dort Highway, and North Center Road make up the city's western border, while it is bordered by East Potter Road on the north, South Vassar Road on the west, and East Maple Avenue in the south. Other routes include Atherton Road, Belsay Road, Bristol Road, Center Road, Davison Road, Genesee Road, Hemphill Road, Lapeer Road, and Saginaw Road. The city of Grand Blanc is 6.0 miles to the south, Davison is 9.3 miles northeast, and Swartz Creek is 13.6 miles west-southwest of Burton.

Although there are no rivers or lakes within the city limits, Gilkey Creek, Thread Creek, the Pierson Branch of Thread Creek, Meyers Drain, Phillips Drain, and the East Branch of Phillips Drain wind through various parts of the city.

Prior to its settlement by European-Americans, the area was frequented by various Native American tribes, as well as trappers who followed the waterways. Most of the first European-American settlers came from the towns of Adams and Henderson, in Jefferson County, New York. Among these settlers were a pair of brothers, Shubael and Perus Atherton, and a nephew, Pliny Atherton Skinner, who came prior to 1830. Another brother, Adonijah Atherton, settled along Thread Creek in 1835. Due to the Atherton family, the community was first known as the Atherton Settlement.

On October 12, 1855, Burton was organized as Burton Township. Prior to that time, it had been part of Flint Township. A post office was established on December 13, 1861, with Horace L. Donalson as postmaster, although it closed on August 6, 1862. Today, there are two active post offices in Burton.

Over the years, portions of Burton Township in the north and west were annexed by the City of Flint. Largely to avoid being wholly absorbed by Flint, residents of Burton Township voted to incorporate as a city on May 16, 1972, and the City of Burton was formed on July 1 of that year.

Distinct neighborhoods in Burton include Belsay and Lapeer Heights.

Belsay was formed as a railroad town when the Grand Trunk Railroad established a station there in 1882. A post office was established on March 3, 1893, with Arthur Oliver as postmaster. The post office was closed on February 21, 1898, then restored from September 23, 1898, to April 15, 1901. When Burton was incorporated as a city in 1972, Belsay became a neighborhood. It is located on Belsay Road at the railroad tracks north of I-69 and Court Street, and south of Davison Road.

Another distinct neighborhood in Burton is Lapeer Heights, which is located at Belsay Road and Roberta Road, and south of Lapeer Road. It is south of Belsay. The Lapeer Heights neighborhood has more people of French Canadian and Croatian ancestry than most neighborhoods in the country.

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