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Cannonsburg, Michigan is an unincorporated village in southwest Cannon Township, in southern Kent County.

As an unincorporated community, there are no defined boundaries to the village. Centered on Cannonsburg Road NE, Honey Creek Avenue NE, and Ramsdell Drive NE, the Cannonsburg Village Ski area to the west is generally considered to be part of Cannonsburg, as is Warren Townsend Park, north of Cannonsburg Road, and Pickerel Lake Park and the Fred Meijer Nature Preserve, further to the north. The Cannonsburg Cemetery is northeast of the main settlement area, and Bear Creek winds through the southern portion of the community. Although the Cannonsburg post office serves much of the area, portions of Cannonsburg are served by the Rockford and Belmont post offices.

The unincorporated community of Bostwick Lake, governed by the Bostwick Lake Association, is 2.7 miles north of Cannonsburg, while Parnell is 3.4 miles east, and Belmont is 8.1 miles to the west. The city of Rockford is 9.0 miles northwest, Lowell is 14.2 miles southeast, and Grand Rapids is 15.8 miles southwest of the community.

Andrew Watson is acknowledged as the first settler in the area that was to become Cannonsburg. He came in 1837 and was soon followed by others, settling on an old Native American trail used by the Chippewa and Ottawa people, who populated the area before it was opened to European-American settlement.

A townsite was formed when Cannon Township was formed out of Plainwell Township in the early 1840s, named for LeGrand Cannon, who owned land in the area. In 1844 and 1845, mills were established by Edwin B. Bostwick, an agent for LeGrand Cannon. On behalf of LeGrand, Bostwick platted the townsite in 1848, giving away twenty-five lots to people who would settle on them, and the town was named for Cannon.

On May 7, 1844, a post office was established, although the post office was originally spelled Cannonsburgh, with Sidney S. Haskins as postmaster. The post office was closed on August 19, 1847, but restored on September 22 of the same year. On February 5, 1894, the "h" was dropped, changing the spelling to Cannonsburg, as it is today.

Until the latter part of the 20th century, Cannonsburg was the center of business for the township government, but its offices were then moved a couple of miles north, along the M-44 corridor, within the Rockford area.

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